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Offering vintage aircraft information and a selection of fine aviation historical books

Welcome to the home page of Aero Vintage Books. We offer a selection of high quality, well-researched books about different aspects of aviation history. Please take a few moments to review our Book Catalog for the books we offer. Also, check out the many pages of information contained on the site, covering everything from B-17s and B-25s to more exotic subjects such as Tallmantz Aviation and the FAA aircraft fleet. And, we are now beginning this new feature, posting unusual or unseen views of B-17s and B-25s through the years. So, if you have vintage shots of civil B-17s or B-25s, the rarer and older the better, and you want to share them, send them on in.

Christmas Special for 2014!!

Very simple: for the months of November and December, if you buy one of these through the Aero Vintage website for the list price of $24.95....

....then you also get one of these included for free when I ship the order...

Can't be much simpler than that. No magic words, no coupons, no rebates, no mess, no fuss, no kidding. Postage for a single order that will include both books: still $5.00. That is a $19.95 value...

And, a little word for the wise....the fourth edition of Final Cut is just about sold out.... So, what does that mean....well, if you want it and wait too long, you might just have to wait for the 5th edition. Who knows when that is going to be available...

Just what is this 4th edition of Final Cut, you might ask?

Well, Final Cut is the widely acknowledged source book for the story of the surviving B-17 Flying Fortresses. It was expanded and updated for the 4th edition in 2011 with sixteen more pages added. Since it was first published in 1990, Final Cut has told the story of the B-17 since 1945, including detailed accounts of each of the 48 survivors. Three updates later, and here we are with the fourth edition. Lot's of changes in the B-17 world in the past few years, and now they are included in this newest edition of what has become the source on the post war B-17 and survivors. Where are they and what are their stories? The tankers, the movies, the weird little military programs. The scrapyards, the five-engine B-17s, the fire ant bombers: what's up with that? What about those rotting blue B-17s at Dallas Love Field? Or the B-17 over the gas station near Portland? It's all here. How about civil histories of each of the 110+ civil B-17s that have come and gone...yep, it's in appendix 3 and nowhere else. How about a listing of all the civil owners of B-17s since 1945...oh, yes, that's appendix 4. You, Yes You need this book!! Now 256 pages of content and over 400 hundred photos...good stuff!! And, still only $24.95

Featured Photo...

Two derelict B-25s have apparently been combined to create this static display B-25 in Mexico City. See the November 2014 B-25 News for more on this aircraft.

Both the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-25 Mitchell remain very popular aircraft today, and both have enjoyed long and distinguished years with military and civilian service. A good number of both types remain airworthy and many more remain available for viewing in museums. We offer some specific pages on these airplanes that include current news, where to find them, and aircraft listings. Check out the B-17 and B-25 information from the menu bar at the left.

Check out our special and, dare we say, unique pages dedicated to Paul Mantz, Frank Tallman, and Tallmantz Aviation. These pages address a long neglected subject, as Tallmantz and its founders were instrumental in warbirds and Hollywood and movies and old airplanes in general.

I've always thought a good book on these guys was in order, but I think it would be a difficult project to sell. Instead, the web offers a perfect venue, and I hope it to be a long evolving section of the site and eventually contain the most authoritative information on these gentlemen and their companies available.

Also on the site as a special feature is the FAA Aircraft History Project which provides information about those aircraft operated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and earlier agencies through the years from 1926 onwards. It's some detailed information on a specific topic that you won't find anywhere else.

Note that our stock of the book B-17 In Blue has sold out and is now out of print. Those demanding copies of it will now have to pursue other ebay or the vibrant used book market.

If you would like to order some of our books, press on to Ordering Information. If you would like to make any comments about our books or anything in general, please let us know. Or, may we offer you some other great aviation sites.

This site was established in June 1996.

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